*** STOP: 0x0000000c (0x00000000, 0xEB71092F, 0x00000008, 0xC0000000)
BAD_WEB_ADDRESS_NOT_HANDLED *** Address EB662040 at EB660000 Date Stamp 36B075CE - Internet.sys

CPUID:Genuine Intel 6.3.3 irql:lf SYSVER 0xF0000565

Dll BaseDateStmp- Name Dll BaseDateStmp- Name
0x80100000336546bf- ntoskrnl.exe 0x8001000033247f88- hal.dll
0x80000100334d3a53- atapi.sys 0x8000700033248043- SCSIPORT.SYS
0x802aa00033013e6b- epst.mpd 0x800b5000336016a2- Disk.sys
0x802b9000336015af- CLASS2.SYS 0x8038c00033d84553- Ntfs.sys
0x802bd00033d844be- huml.sys 0x803e400033d84553- Ntice.sys
0xf931800031ec6c8d- Floppy.SYS 0xf95c900031ec6c99- Null.SYS
0xf946800031ed868b- KSecDD.SYS 0xf95ca000335e60cf- Beep.SYS
0xf9358000335bc82a- i8042prt.sys 0xf94740003324806f- mousclass.sys
0xf947c00031ec6c94- kbdclass.sys 0xf95cb0003373c39d- ctrl2cap.SYS
0xf937000033248011- VIDEOPORT.SYS 0xfe9d70003370e7b9- ati.sys
0xf949000031ec6c6d- vga.sys 0xf93b0000332480dd- Msfs.SYS
0xf90f0000332480d0- Npfs.SYS 0xfe9570003356da41- NDIS.SYS
0xa0000000335157ac- win32k.sys 0xfe914000334ea144- ati.dll
0xfe0c9000335bd30e- Fastfat.SYS 0xfe11000031ec7c9b- Parport.SYS
0xfe10800031ec6c9b- Parallel.SYS 0xf95b400031ec6c9d- ParVdm.SYS
0xf9050000332480ab- Serial.SYS    
Restart and set the recovery options in the system control panel or the /CRASHDEBUG system start option. Possible solutions to this problem may include:

* Restarting your computer twice
* Dowloading more RAM
* Ejecting any CDs or floppy disks in the disk drive(s)
* Updating the BIOS manually by overriding the kernel on your motherboard
* Deleting C:\Windows\System32 and clearing your browser cookies
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